Robin, 18, male, Germany


Seventh Seal by Sin Eater

Christ Standing on Death, Sin, and Satan 
Engraving made by Crispijn de Passe the elder, England, 1623.
An emblematic image with Christ standing on Death (a human skeleton), Sin (a serpent with a human head), and Satan (a monster). He holds a triangle with a whole-length figure of James I as Defender of the Faith, surrounded by medallion portraits of his family; in the upper angle of the triangle Charles, Prince of Wales, in armour, tramples on a figure with the heads of the pope and two kings labelled ‘False Universalls’; an armed man stands in each of the lower angles, one trampling on a two-headed figure representing ‘Faction’ and ‘Bribery’, the other on ‘Treason’, a man holding a knife and a pistol; emblems of the British nations, lion, unicorn, harp and dragon in each corner of the sheet; title-page to Thomas Scott, Vox Dei, 1623.

James Ormiston

Dan Hillier